BETRON VIETNAM CO., LTD is a tires and tubes manufacturer in Vietnam led by a professional and dedicated team with many years' experiences. It delivers exceptional value and assured performance in wide range of tires through a relentless focus on technological innovation, engineering strength and operational excellence. Pioneering in R&D have set BETRON VIETNAM to become a leading tire producer in Vietnam.

The commitment we hold in all single tires run on and off road is to make sure it will bring customers safety and satisfaction. Since the commence of the manufacturing process, BETRON always keep in mind the strong and ambitious spirit of innovation and to serve the customer with strong bonds. Our business philosophy is "tires rolling for better life". We believe that every walk of life starts by moving from here to there. High quality tires are needed to empower us to be where we want with our vehicles. BETRON is a combination of our belief to bring people all over the world SAFETY and VIGORNESS in their own quest. 

We always raise our standard and put a strong focus on technology and human to achieve high. BETRON production facility in Southeast region, is among the most advanced tire production plants in Vietnam. This facility produces predominantly high-performance and excellent tires for BETRON, by using state-of-the-art technology.

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